Do you want to secure your future? ING offers several tailor-made insurance products to protect your business and your family. You can also call on ING to build up your pension. You take care of security and also take advantage of tax concessions.

Life insurance

The ideal insurance if you want security for your family after you pass away in the event of your death. With the ING Death Benefit Insurance, You decide how much you save, and for which capital. ​

Private supplementary pension for the self-employed

The statutory pension for the self-employed is about half the amount of the pension of a salaried employee. Take out a PSPS and make the most of tax breaks starting from today!​​​​​​​

Pension plan

ING Business Pension Plan is a pension-savings scheme which is as beneficial for you as for your company: it is a personal policy for which you are the sole beneficiary, and which is tax-deductible for your company!​​​

Business insurance

With the AON Business Insurance Plan, you go for tailored insurance for your business. Choose among 6 different guarantees and create your own policy.​​​​

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