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AXA Supplementary Pension Plan for the self-employed

Build up a solid fund for your pension

As a self-employed person your statutory pension is only half that of an employee, so ING offers you a pension plan which is twice as good. With this pension plan, you build up a solid fund for your future, while reducing your taxes and social security contributions now. Worth thinking about!

  • Specially for self-employed people

    With the option of deducting the money you save against tax as a business expense.

  • Double savings

    You enjoy tax breaks and also reduce the level of your social security contributions.

  • Advance payment option

    Use part of your capital at any time for the purchase or renovation of a residential property in the euro zone.

  • Guaranteed return variable annually

    You can benefit from a guaranteed interest rate variable annually and a possible profit sharing.

  • Combinable with other plans

    Combine the benefits of your PSPS (Private Supplementary Pension Savings) with other pension saving plans, to build up a handsome sum for your retirement.