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Accident Insurance for company owners

Personal accident insurance. Insurer : AXA Belgium

With this personal accident insurance for business owners and company managers, you can count on assistance in the event of an accident both at home and at work. In addition, you will receive a replacement income if you become unfit for work. Read the information document about the product and the general terms and conditions before subscribing.

  • 24/7 assistance in the event of an accident

    Our staff is available 24 hours a day to help you with e.g. transport to the hospital or psychological help.

  • Cover at work and in your free time

    Whether you have an accident at work, at home or on holiday, you will receive assistance and medical expenses will be reimbursed. Sports accidents (*) are also insured. (*) with exceptions - ask your ING banker for the General Terms and Conditions.

  • Replacement income in the event of incapacity to work

    If you are unable to work due to an accident, you will receive a replacement income. This replacement income is calculated depending on the situation. For example, the replacement income will be different in the event of permanent disability than temporary incapacity for work.

This insurance has been developed for self-employed persons or company managers. It gives you protection and assistance anywhere in the world (except in war zones), 24 hours a day.

Your contract has a term of one year. On each annual expiry date, the contract is automatically renewed for a further period of one year, unless you cancel it at the latest 3 months before the expiry date. The premium is calculated on the basis of the insured's salary.

  • The medical costs will be reimbursed in the event of an accident, both in your spare time and at work.
  • You will have a replacement income if you are unable to work due to an accident. You choose how this replacement income is calculated.
  • In the event of your death, this insurance will ensure that your next of kin can overcome this difficult period financially.

In some circumstances, accidents are not covered by this insurance, such as e.g. :

  • some sports accidents (in the case of motorized sports in competition, canyoning, kite surfing,...).
  • accidents resulting from intent (but insured persons or beneficiaries who are not party to the intent remain insured),
  • accidents resulting from alcohol intoxication or narcotics,
  • suicide (attempted),
  • limitation of coverage: temporary incapacity is reimbursed from a period of incapacity of at least 7 days,
  • etc.

Please read the information document about the product (FR) and the general terms and conditions before signing. You can obtain the general terms and conditions at your ING branch.

About the insurance policies and conflicts of interest : you can find general information about the insurance policies and a description of the conflict of interest policy, including the benefits:

  • of ING Belgium nv, as insurance intermediary: Go to and then follow "Rates and Regulations > Information and Regulations > Insurance policies".
  • of AXA Belgium, as insurance company: go to    
  • Consult the General Terms and Conditions before subscribing
  • Contact us

Contact :

  • ING Complaint Management, Cours Saint-Michel 60, 1040 Brussels.
  • Call +32 2 547 61 012 or
  • mail to

This complaint will be forwarded to AXA who will handle it.

If the dispute is not resolved in this way, you can contact the bank dispute ombudsman Ombudsfin, North Gate II. Boulevard du Roi Albert II 8, 1000 Brussels. Call +32 2 545 77 70 or e-mail

This insurance is subject to Belgian law. It is offered to you, subject to acceptance, by:

Insurance intermediary ING Belgium SA/nv, an insurance broker registered with the FSMA under the code number 0403200393. Registered office: Avenue Marnix 24, B-1000 Brussels - RPR Brussels - VAT BE 0403.200.393 - - BIC: BBRUBEBB - IBAN: BE45 3109 1560 2789.

Insurer AXA Belgium, S.A. of insurances authorised under n° 0039 to practise the life and non-life branches (KB04-07-1979, BS 14-07-1979) at the National Bank of Belgium, located at Boulevard de Berlaimont 14, B-1000 Brussels - Main office: Place du Trône 1 - B-1000 Brussels (Belgium) - Website: www. - Tel.: 02 678 61 11 - Fax: 02 678 93 40 - CBE no.: VAT BE 0404.483.367 RPR Brussels 7.06.5833 - 0616.

Reporting a claim

Accident? Complete the declaration form (FR) online or call +32 2 550 05 30.

Changing your policy

Send and email to stating what you'd like to change.

Terminating your policy

Download the termination form, complete it and email it to