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Insurance against hacking and cyberfraud

Not everyone is equally active online. This is why we have 2 types of insurance to protect you against online fraud and reputational damage:

  • AXA cyber insurance: ideal if your business has a website or social media accounts, but when most of your revenue is not derived from online sales.
  • you are excercising a liberal profession, you have a high turnover or a large ICT system?

  • Technical assistance in the event of hacking or loss of data

    Reimbursement of the repurchase costs of software and making back-ups.

  • Financial protection in the event of lost sales due to, e.g., a server failure

    So you can make up for lost revenue.

  • Legal aid in the event of reputational damage on social medias or websites

    For example, if an employee makes a slip-up on Facebook or Twitter, or if you infringe a copyright with an image on your website.

Go to if you need cover for over 250,000 and up to 2,000,000 euros. You can also have your premium calculated immediately.

More information about the cover is available at and via the brochures. Demand your offer.