Life and family

ING Fixed Capital Death Insurance

Indispensable protection for your family

ING Fixed Capital Death Insurance is an accidental death insurance product subject to B elgian Law developed by NN Insurance Belgium SA/NV. In the event of your accidental death, the policy will ensure your named beneficiaries receive a lump sum of an amount chosen by you in advance, to help cover the loss of income as well as any other direct or indirect costs resulting from your death such as rent, school fees, estate settlement fees, etc.​​​​

  • Peace of mind

    Your family will be compensated for the loss of income resulting from your death, as well as expected or unexpected costs such as rent, school fees, estate settlement fees, etc.

  • Open to all

    For a modest premium, you can give your loved ones the security and peace of mind they deserve.

  • Flexible

    You determine the amount of capital to insure, the term and the beneficiaries of your policy. You can also determine the frequency of premium payments (monthly, quarterly, half yearly, annually) and you can change these options to suit your circumstances and needs (policy amendments subject to acceptance by the insurer).

  • Clarity

    Your premiums are guaranteed for a minimum period of 3 years, except in the case of legal changes to your policy.

  • Tax deductible

    If you are under 65 years of age and you appoint your spouse/legal partner or a first or second-degree relative as beneficiary, you can choose to benefit from a tax reduction on your premiums in connection with long-term savings.