International business

International business

Broaden your horizons, we will support you internationally

Are you looking for new markets for your business? Or do you want to set up a subsidiary abroad? ING is the ideal partner to help you break into international markets. Thanks to ING’s international network and extensive expertise, you’ll soon find your way around the local market. Before you know it you’ll be doing business all over the world in different currencies.

  • Convenient

    Thanks to the PAM/LAM system you can run your business from your home country. You have a contact person in Belgium (PAM or parent account manager) who will arrange everything for you through their contact person in your chosen country (LAM or local account manager). Together you discuss the opportunities specially tailored to your company and take the necessary steps to ensure your business flourishes abroad.

  • Fast information

    With the ING Worldmap you can easily find all the information you need. It is clearly divided by country and tells you all about the laws, tax and customs in the country of your choice.

  • International

    You receive advice specially tailored to your business and can access ING’s services wherever you are.

  • Expertise

    ING is familiar with the local market in over 40 countries, with ‘hands-on’ expertise.

  • Simple

    Our package makes it easy for you to open an account in 20 European countries at the same time.