For all your business ideas, there is a good financing idea

Your business continues to grow thanks to the right investments: the purchase of real estate, a credit facility for a company car, the modernisation of your production process, etc. So how are you going to finance everything?

Discover which loans and other financing solutions ING offers to the self-employed, entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized businesses.

Bridge the temporary gap between your outgoings and costs with a credit line or advance.

Ensure timely investment in new machines, improved production processes or the refurbishment of your business.

Use a loan to buy, build or renovate business real estate and keep your cash flow available for your company's core business.

Alternative ways of developing projects

  • Different financing methods
  • Test your concept here
  • Start a community of promoters

Find out how your business can finance any type of company vehicle – from motorbikes to heavy goods vehicles – economically with a lease or loan.

Offer your business partners financial security with an ING bank guarantee. This allows you to reach an agreement faster.