Bank guarantee

Bank guarantee
  • Close deals quickly

  • Maintain liquidity

  • For international business too


A bank guarantee is a form of credit where the bank promises to pay a certain sum on your behalf if you are unable to fulfil an obligation to a third party. It makes it easier for you to close deals and means you can keep your funds available for other projects.

Standard bank guarantee

With a standard bank guarantee, ING offers your business partner security if, for instance, you have to settle a debt or carry out work. Do you need a guarantee for the government? ING has standard texts for you, so you can sort out the paperwork straight away.

Rental guarantee

With a rental guarantee, ING gives assurance to your landlord. Anything you owe is guaranteed if you are unable to meet your obligations.

International bank guarantees

Do you trade internationally? If so, ING offers you special bank guarantees. With our extensive network and foreign correspondents, we can support you with an efficient service.

Are you interested in a bank guarantee?