Bank guarantees

ING Bank Guarantee

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With a bank guarantee, you inform your business partner that ING guarantees an agreed amount. This amount is compensation for them if you fail to comply with the agreements entered into.

  • Security for your business partner

    You offer financial security to your business partner with the official support of your bank. This means that you can reach an agreement quicker!

  • Availability of your working capital

    You keep your funds to carry out other projects.

  • Guarantee extended to international transactions

    An international bank guarantee enables you to reassure your foreign business partners that you comply with payment agreements.

  • Easy to use

    Faster: You will receive the proposed text of your guarantee directly by email along with the letter of credit containing the terms and conditions related to your request.

    Simpler: You only sign once

    Your bank guarantee is issued upon receipt of the duly signed documents provided that your request is accepted by ING.