Recurring expenses

ING Tax Prepayment Facility

Let ING deposit your estimated taxes for you

Do your annual tax prepayments weigh too heavily on your liquidity position? ING can deposit the full amount of your estimated taxes directly to the Ministry of Finance on the first official due date. So you can avoid the statutory increase while freeing up your cash flow. ING renews your contract annually. Have your needs changed in the meantime? Easily adjust your preferences in Business'Bank.

  • Retain access to your money

    Free up your working capital for other investments.

  • Renew or modify your contract

    ING renews your contract annually. If your needs change, however, you can easily have your contract modified.

  • Get the assurance of a fixed interest rate

    Your interest rate is calculated on the basis of the market rate at the time of signing the contract.

  • Profit from tax incentives

    All interest payments are tax deductible as a business expense.

  • Avoid statutory tax increases

    Your tax prepayment is sent to the Ministry of Finance before the due date, so you avoid the statutory increase in tax rate.