Lettering or car wrapping : your business card on wheels

Already have a website or Facebook page for your business? By advertising on your company vehicle as well, you can capitalise on your company’s strengths and increase brand recognition. Discover the benefits of mobile advertising and car wrapping.

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What is a car wrap?

A car wrap is an original and effective way of literally putting your product or service out there. Car wrapping – which does what it says – has numerous benefits:


1) High visibility. Whether you are out on the roads or not, your vehicle is always visible: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you regularly take to the roads, then your message will be seen hundreds of thousands, even millions, of times a year.


2) Smaller budget for a longer period. A radio, TV or newspaper advert or mailshot is only temporary and often (very) expensive as well. A car wrap generally lasts between three and six years and you only pay the design costs once. The cost per 1,000 views is therefore only a fraction of traditional advertising channels.


3) More attention.


4) For every business. From plumber to vet, from consultancy firm to webshop. Car wrapping is possible for any type of business – small or large, local or international, for services or for products. Car wrapping is not confined to companies with a large fleet. Self-employed workers and small businesses can also capitalise on the benefits of a car wrap to publicise their business and brand in the region.


5) Limited regulations. As long as you are not putting your own safety and that of other road users at risk, you may choose virtually any message you want to convey. If you choose a style that suits your business, a car wrap gives your company a professional impetus.


6) Protective layer. The wrap also protects your vehicle’s bodywork from light damage and rust. The film can be easily removed and does not damage to the paintwork.

Convinced of the benefits of a car wrap? 3 tips

●     Keep it short. The name of your company, what it does, and your website: that’s enough. Bear in mind that many passers-by and drivers will only see your vehicle very briefly, so stick to the essentials.

●     Make it stand out. Bright colours and big letters are your best bet. Find the right balance, so that you attract attention, but don’t create a distraction.

●     Adapt the design to suit the vehicle. Ensure that the type of vehicle matches the message on the wrap. The design for a vet will look different, and have a different impact, on a van than on a sports car or small city run-around.

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