Working capital and liquidity

ING Business Line

Bridge temporary shortages in liquidity

Do your outgoings sometimes exceed your income? ING Business Line lets you bridge temporary shortages in liquidity. You only use this unlimited term credit facility when it is really necessary. If you are starting your own business or becoming self-employed, you will receive special conditions for 1 year.

  • Money immediately available

    The funds are always immediately available in your ING current account.

  • Use what you need

    You only draw down the money you actually need, even if the amount of your credit facility is larger. You repay the credit by transferring the used amount to your current account at your own pace.

  • Interest only on used amounts

    Imagine you have an ING Business Line of 5,000 euros, but only use 2,000 euros. You only pay interest on the amount that you have used. You also pay a one-off study fee of 125 euros and an arrangement fee of 30 euros per quarter.