Daily management

16 March 2018

Thanks to CodaBox no longer unnecessary paperwork

Do you find yourself constantly taking a box full of invoices and credit notes to your accountant? Automate this tedious administrative process with the new integration of CodaBox into ING Invoice Solutions.

"The less administrative hassle the better"

Every entrepreneur agrees: the less administrative hassle the better. Deadlines for submitting documents get forgotten, documents get lost... You know how it is. But there's no need to worry about these formalities any more, thanks to the integration of CodaBox into ING Invoice Solutions!

How does it work? You set up your invoices in your familiar invoicing program as usual and then link this program, just once, to CodaBox. CodaBox then connects to your accountant's office’s software, so that every credit note or sales invoice you send is received by your accountant automatically. One less step on the administrative treadmill thanks to this intelligent connection!

The most comprehensive invoicing software

This integration into ING Invoice Solutions means entrepreneurs can increasingly rely on an all-in-one tool. You’ve already lightened your own administrative load by setting up much easier online invoicing and payment monitoring, we’re now taking this a step further. From now on, you can also send everything to your accountant online, and completely automatically.

Fewer formalities, more transparency
No document will ever be forgotten again.

Both you and your accountant can rest assured that you won’t (and indeed can’t) forget a single document. All of your invoices and credit notes are sent through immediately and securely via CodaBox. Your accountant will therefore be able to maintain a constant overview, saving both of you some time.

Would you like to start using this handy system? Then find out if your accountant is already using CodaBox. You activate the CodaBox function in ING Invoice Solutions, creating a link between your personal account and your accountant's software. Simple and efficient.