Daily management

4 December 2017

3 easy tools to manage your finances as a construction specialist

A small misjudgement and the costs can soon mount up, especially in the construction sector. So, it’s in your interests to keep an eye on things at all times. Say goodbye to financial chaos and make use of these 3 tools.

1. Specialised bookkeeping packages

Are your books in a mess? You’re not alone. A good bookkeeper is a godsend, but these days there is also software that allows you to organise your own books. With these programs you can generate analytical reports yourself, whenever you want.

Decide which KPIs (sales, margins, number of quotations, sick leave, etc.) are important to your business and the software will draw up a scorecard for you. You can see immediately how things stand without having to make an appointment with a bookkeeper. These kinds of tools can also prepare your annual accounts and forecasts flawlessly. A real must if you want to avoid red tape and get a quick insight into your business.

2. Software for managing projects and finances

Technical investments come with high fixed costs, your machines suffer wear and tear, every now and then you need to carry out repairs… Costs soon mount up. Do you have a clear idea of all your finances or do you get the occasional surprise? One thing is certain: software that enables you to track your projects and monitor your finances is invaluable.

You often handle large sums of money, so you know that you can’t afford to make even the slightest error.

3. Invoicing software

Draw up and send invoices in no time at all? Without having to work with your own templates? The right invoicing software gets the job done quickly.

What’s more, with a solution such as ING Invoice Solutions you get a quick insight into your finances. You can also see how long your customers take to pay, so you know when you receive your revenue on average.

With these features, it’s certainly no longer a mammoth task to draw up and send invoices. And this leaves you, as a construction specialist, more time to focus on your business!