Daily management

7 July 2017

As a freelancer how can you free up more time?

Freelancers generally lead busy lives: prospecting new customers, working on projects, administration, etc. All this is obviously important for your business, but you often lack time to get everything done. This is the reason why are happy to offer you some tips to save time.

Tip 1: Prioritise and manage your time

List your tasks and order them according to priority. In this way you keep an overview. A good recommendation? Put the priorities at the top of the list and start each day there.
It can also be helpful to assess how much time each task will take you and when you will do it. In this way you will have a realistic overview of your diary.

Tip 2: Do not ignore your paperwork

Administration and in particular invoicing are often a huge source of frustration and time loss for business people. Many consider it boring and complicated work.
Nonetheless it is important not to let your invoicing lie around for a while. The sooner you play ball when sending out your invoices, the faster you will be paid and consequently be rewarded for the work you delivered. Best to act quickly, certainly if your customers do not always pay promptly.

Tip 3: Make use of online tools

Currently there are plenty of online tools to simplify your life. Online tools can help with customer relationships, to follow up projects, supply management, etc. The possibilities are never ending and far more efficient than keeping track of everything on paper.

As we want to lend business people a helping hand, at ING we have developed our own digital invoicing platform. Find out all about it.

Tip 4: Work closely with your accountant

Your accountant is a financial expert. Is your cooperation good? Then you will have a better overview of your finances and spend less time on them. A good accountant can mean a world of difference for your business.

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