Daily management

21 December 2017

"As a professional you don't want to mess around with quotes and invoices, you just want to get on with your work"

Mario Baptist is a typical heating engineer: a hard-working professional who you'd be happy to chat to over a cup of tea. With his company, De Keteldokter, he travels throughout Belgium visiting all sorts of places, including some of the most personal rooms in people's homes. Usually, he's the one listening to his customers' stories, but now it's his turn.

Craftsmanship + cheerfulness= busy
"When you visit a customer, you're more than just an engineer."

"Whether your central heating needs maintenance, you have a burst pipe or you want to have a new shower installed, sooner or later everyone needs a heating engineer," says Mario Baptist modestly. So there's certainly enough need for De Keteldokter's services. But that's not the only reason he is in such demand.

As a professional with over 10 years' experience, Mario is an expert in his field. And being renowned as a reliable expert is worth its weight in gold. Yet the human aspect of his job mustn't be underestimated. "You see people every day. Sometimes they tell you things they can't or won't tell their friends and family. They certainly can to me," Mario smiles.

Stick to what you know

Something that undoubtedly sounds familiar to many entrepreneurs: "Sometimes having your own business is a real administrative hassle. I am a heating engineer, that's my area of expertise. When I think of all the time I've lost fiddling about with quotes and invoicing..." Mario sighs. "And I'm not even interested in learning about the ins and outs of financial management. As a professional you just want to get on with your work."

Tool to relieve administrative headaches

A year ago he decided to use ING Invoice Solutions, to save himself all the administrative headaches. And he is very happy with it. Mario says: "It is very user-friendly, and everything is so self-explanatory. My customers' details are easy to enter and to look up again later. This makes a huge difference compared to keeping everything on paper!"

Mario also sends all his invoices straight to his bookkeeper via the tool. "There is so much less paperwork, I can now use my time much more efficiently. I would recommend this to anyone who just wants to focus on his actual work," he concludes.