Daily management

6 July 2017

10 reasons to use an online invoicing tool

All starter business people are proud to send out their very first invoice. Then, provided everything works to plan, the number of both customers and invoices will surge. The latter can quickly stack up and entail much time-consuming work. As a result you will have ever less time for your customers. An online invoicing tool can offer a solution!

The main advantages of online invoicing tools are summarised below:
  1. You can save up to 7 hours a week.
  2. You can send out professional invoices with a logo and general terms and conditions in a few clicks.
  3. The likelihood of errors is reduced by the far-reaching automation.
  4. Your invoices will be paid faster due to automated reminders and monitoring possibilities.
  5. Thanks to the automated reporting functionalities cooperation with your accountant is simplified.
  6. You will have greater insight into your business’s finances thanks to dashboards and graphs.
  7. You can manage and send out your invoices 24/7, from your tablet, laptop or smartphone.
  8. All your information is saved on a single safe location.
  9. It is inexpensive: for less than 20 euros a month you can manage all your invoicing online.
  10. Online invoicing means less paperwork. Less expensive and more eco-friendly!
Looking for an online invoicing tool?

As we at ING want to help business people we have developed our own online invoicing platform.