Daily management

8 June 2018

How to organize your time efficiently as an entrepreneur? 5 smart tips

"Time is money", you often hear it said. So as an entrepreneur, you no doubt sometimes have the feeling that there are too few hours in the day. How can you organize your time efficiently so that you can maintain a healthy work-life balance? We offer you 5 handy tips!

1. Set out a concrete to-do list every evening

Everyone can use a to-do list. Afraid that such a list will just cause you stress and more headaches? Then you probably have listed too many to-do's that may also be too general or vague. So we advise you to choose a maximum of 5 to-do's and formulate them as concretely as possible. So don't write "do administration" but "prepare and send invoices".

Ideally, you should make a list every evening before you go to bed. It's handy, since when you get to work the next morning, you know exactly how or where to begin.

2. Eliminate the messages

In a digital era, messages such as Facebook notification may be the greatest time guzzler. So it is enormously tempting to give in to just that "1 new email" or "x number of likes". How can you deal with those? Just turn the notifications off. That way, you will determine when you want to skim off all your messages, without constantly being distracted.

Plan specific times of day, if necessary, when you will browse through your emails and social media. Allot a maximum number of minutes so as to give extra structure to your busy workday!

3. Learn to say "no"

Nodding "yes' is in our nature. But as an entrepreneur you have to learn above all to say "no". Admit it, that's not easy - but it is essential in order to focus and handle time efficiently.

Realize that you always lose time when someone - be that an employee or a customer - asks you for help or involvement. How, then, to know when to say yes? Try to keep your eye on the big picture. If the offer or request made by the person in question does not make any contribution to that, then your answer should probably be "no".

4. Don't do it all yourself

Entrepreneurship means hard work, although you don't have to do everything yourself. When you feel the pressure becoming too hard, it is perhaps time to bring in additional help.

Whether that is a freelancer, your first employee or another form of collaboration: as a self-employed person, extra help is not always welcome, but it is often essential. The result? You can once again take on new projects, which in turn generates higher turnover.

5. Let tools help you

First of all, there are tools designed to track and save time. Lists are easy to make with Google Keep, Evernote or a similar list app for iOS or Android.

And are you familiar with Trello? With this project management solution, you can organize all your tasks visually using lists, colour codes and much more. A handy way to find your work and list of tasks quickly during a busy workday!

What's more, with the right tools you can automate time-consuming tasks which you secretly despise. An example is an invoicing system that allows you to manage your invoices quickly and effectively. These software solutions are also a handy way to gain an overview of your financial health!

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