Daily management

17 May 2018

This is how ING Invoice Solutions now provides Peace of Mind in your billing management!

As an entrepreneur, you’re constantly looking for ways to optimize the ins and outs of your company. At ING Invoice Solutions we’ll gladly help you. That’s why we’re proud to introduce the integration of Peace of Mind (POM) into our billing management software! What does that mean for you as a manager? Read all about it!.

POM in a nutshell

POM simply stands for Peace of Mind, a smart payment solution. Think of it as an interface between customer and supplier that simplifies money transfer.

POM is therefore an ideal alternative to bank transfers. Your customers can pay you online via Bancontact. Because as you may have already experienced, some customers sometimes pay too late. For example, because they can no longer find your account number in their administrative clutter. Or simply because they don’t want to type in all data.

Activate POM together with ING Invoice Solutions

To enjoy the benefits of POM, you only need to activate the option in ING Invoice Solutions. Later, when you send invoices by email, your customers will see a POM payment button. When they click on this button, your customers will be redirected to the online POM payment environment where they can pay your invoices with Bancontact.

The button itself remains active until 10 days after the expiry date. Your customers can even take care of your invoice even after the expiry date. And all that on desktop and mobile devices! Handy, right?

Why POM for your company?

And there’s more. The benefits of POM make invoicing an easy task that’s done in a jiffy:

  • You receive your payments faster
  • Your customer can pay your invoices faster and no longer has to type in data
  • So you save time and money