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11 June 2018

Paper invoices have not quite disappeared yet

Find sending out invoices boring? Not if you look on them as a hard-earned reward for your good work as a self-employed person instead of a tiresome chore! Thanks to the development of e-invoicing, or electronic invoicing, it has never been easier to send out invoices. But traditional paper invoices have not quite disappeared yet. In a few cases they are even still preferred.

By law paper and electronic invoices are equivalent. Many companies have therefore switched to e-invoicing since 1 January 2013, when this rule came into force. This form of invoicing has various advantages. Not only is electronic invoicing faster and more environmentally friendly, the risk of errors is also far smaller thanks to advanced automation.

Sending paper invoices electronically

Many benefits are also associated with e-invoicing for consumers. Electronic invoices are always accessible, easy to file and can be paid safely. Despite the many benefits, not every consumer is ready to make the switch to digital yet. That is why, legally speaking, they always have the right to request a paper invoice.

To enable your business to retain an overview and to send the right invoice to every customer, you need a good online invoicing tool. This will help you to make quotations and invoices at any time of the day and will track your outstanding payments. In addition it is even possible to send out paper invoices directly using online invoicing software. In this way, you can manage all your invoices in the same place, you will have the certainly that your customer will receive the invoice, and save time and money.

With the post-function of ING Invoice Solutions (1)

To make invoicing even easier, ING Invoice Solutions has acquired a post function. With the post function you can send paper invoices at the touch of a button, combining the advantages of e-invoicing with those of paper billing. You can send paper invoices just as quickly as electronic ones, you do not have to go to the post office yourself and you also benefit from lower costs. And your customers? They receive the paper invoices they are entitled to.

By sending your paper invoices with the post function:
  • You save time. It is just as quick to compile and send a paper invoice with ING Invoice Solutions as it is to compile and send an electronic one.
  • You do not have to go to the post office. If you make use of the post function of ING Invoice Solutions, your paper invoices will be posted for you. You do not have to print anything yourself.
  • You can be sure that your customer will receive the invoice.
  • The customer will pay sooner.
  • Your costs are reduced. Sending paper invoices via the post function of ING Invoice Solutions is cheaper than printing, posting and sending your paper invoices yourself.
  • In this way you have an overview. ING Invoice Solutions will give you a clear view of all your sent invoices, both electronic and paper ones.
What's next?
Are you already an ING Invoice Solutions user?

All paying customers of ING Invoice Solutions1 can send a paper invoice by post. You will pay €0.90 per invoice2 – printed in colour, complete with envelope, postage stamp and handling. The first page is free, and for extra pages you will pay an additional €0.062 per page. International post will cost you an additional €0.102.

You do not use ING Invoice Solutions yet?

 Test ING Invoice Solutions free of charge for 1 month! You need to be a paying user to make use of the post function.