Daily management

12 June 2018

5 concerns that every entrepreneur has and how you deal with them

As an entrepreneur, you face major challenges every day. Not only do you have concerns that your customers will remain happy, you also have to worry about all kinds of administration. What are the 5 major concerns every entrepreneur currently has and how do you deal with them? Read about it below.

1. How do I find the time to manage all my work?

Time management is critical for many entrepreneurs. Are you also a jack-of-all-trades? Then you'll probably agree that you often worry about deadlines and the hundreds of things you have to do at the same time.

Your solution: automate repetitive tasks! Think about a CRM solution for project planning such as team leaders and invoicing tools, including ING Invoice Solutions. You'll be saving a lot of time!

2. Do I have to do everything myself?

Time management also includes outsourcing jobs. Whether you're a consultant or businessman, you cannot take care of everything yourself.

Your solution: if things are going well and you're too busy, then it's worth taking on extra staff. In doing so, you will not in an ideal situation be taking this step lightly. Here we explain what you should be looking for if you're taking on talent from outside! Secondly, you can also, of course outsource some of your administration. A good accountant simplifies the life of every self-employed person!

3. Where on earth do I find customers?

Unfortunately, customers do not appear out of the blue. A lot of the self-employed therefore agonise over where they will find them.

Your solution: being in the right place. Just visit network events if they seem appropriate. Check out in advance which names have signed up and see whether the profiles could use your services. You also need to be on the right platforms to heighten your visibility. Check the advertising options on Google for attracting potential customers to your company with an agency or freelancer. Are you active in the digital sector? Then register on LinkedIn, for example, and get to know interesting names from your network.

4. What happens to my business when I go away?

Holidays may sometimes seem a rare occurrence for most of the self-employed: but you need them. Better still, recharging your batteries will probably benefit your business. Escaping for 14 days does not mean that your company will go "flat".

Your solution: provide back-up. Go into partnership with an industry peer who will take care of everything in your absence. Hard to find? Then go the extra mile before and after your trip. Let your customers know in good time that you're going away so that they too can plan for the time you are out of office. That way there'll be no surprises!

5. What if my customers pay too late?

Most freelancers and entrepreneurs will sooner or later have to deal with defaulters. This is very frustrating because any sound business is the result of good cashflow.

Your solution: communicate clearly about your payment terms (by using an invoicing tool if necessary) and send reminders promptly. You can also contact a lawyer for drawing up the general terms. Then you can take legal action should things really go wrong.