5 December 2018

Digital logistics in Belgium

ING confirms its commitment to the transport and logistics sector: today sees the publication of its study “Digital logistics in Belgium”, in partnership with

134,000 direct jobs, 8,900 businesses and 2.9% of GDP

That is the importance of the logistics sector in Belgium. Thanks to its central position, our country plays a prominent role in the European logistics landscape. But it is also due to the presence of significant infrastructural facilities such as the Port of Antwerp and Liège and Brussels Airports as well as the great density of motorways and rivers.

ING, in partnership with, carried out an in-depth study of the ecosystem of digital startups in logistics.

Digitalisation and its challenges

The study demonstrates the great creativity and the dynamism of this ecosystem. It also highlights the challenges that await this ecosystem and the sector in general. As in other traditional sectors, digitalisation presents particular challenges for logistics players, but also offers them wonderful opportunities. Opportunities which they have to seize, or find themselves lagging behind newcomers or more agile competitors.

The study

The study is based on quantitative data from the database, which includes 84 startups operating in this field. This was rounded off by interviews carried out at a large number of startups and established companies to give us a better understanding of the challenges they have to face and the role of technology to achieve their objectives.

The authors presented the key learnings from the study at 4 events held in major logistics centres in Belgium. These brought together industry players and experts. They also provided the opportunity for various startups to publicise their digital solutions. The debates that followed enabled a discussion of the sector’s future, combined with the opportunity to establish valuable contacts.

Find out more

To learn more about the challenges and opportunities of digital logistics in Belgium, read the full report.

"La logistique digitale en Belgique" (FR)

"Digitale logistiek in België" (NL)

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