14 January 2019

The hospital of the future: the patient in control

Innovation, inspiration and matchmaking featured at the Inspire Healthcare event back in December. And ING was right there in the middle of it.

The organisers In4care had promised a show, and they were true to their word. Instead of conventional presentations there was a festival of sources of inspiration for new thinking on the future of healthcare.

Here is a look back at a first very successful edition: #Hospital2050 and the Pilots tablepowered by ING.

#Hospital2050: the hospital of the future will be a healthcare “system”

In 2050 we will all be customers of the hospital of the future. This is one of the assumptions of the #Hospital2050 action plan published by In4care. There will be a healthcare system in which patients will have greater control: they will no longer simply be the object of the healthcare provided to them.

“Everyone can bring leverage at their own level.”

Identification chart for the future healthcare system

  • moving healthcare from the hospital to the patient’s home: only seriously ill patients will be treated in hospital, while alternative solutions – notably artificial intelligence – will be offered for routine healthcare 
  • integration and inclusion of different healthcare providers, as far as possible in familiar surroundings for the patient
  • supporting the management and coordination of all patient data, using technology as a catalyst

Mark Van De Casteele, Manager Public Sector & Social Profit - ING: “Two fascinating days during which plenty of ideas were shared on the subject of the hospital of the future. The experts who attended, both national and international, inspired us with their exciting successes and challenged us with their vision of the future. The #Hospital 2050 action plan gathers all our ideas so that everyone can leverage them at their own level. ING has, for a long time, been a partner to numerous Belgian hospitals. #Hospital 2050 will undeniably contribute towards the advancement of the world of healthcare.”

7 recommendations for preparing for the healthcare system of the future

  • Create a “sense of urgency” and have good ambassadors
  • Bring together individuals with innovative projects. For example, have a manager for Artificial Intelligence
  • Construct a compelling vision: that of the patient in control
  • Communicate openly about what is happening within and outside each organisation 
  • Co-create in order to multiply the positive effects of individual start-ups
  • Create an environment that integrates innovation and is genuinely ready for change
  • Innovate again and again. Reinvent oneself constantly

Pilots table : connecting start-ups and decision-makers

The “pilots tablepowered by ING” is a unique and very effective concept that really connects start-ups and decision-makers. First essential step: the targeted and careful selection of the start-ups. On D-day: after a minute’s pitch, each of the start-ups takes their place at the table and is joined in turn by the decision-makers, who review their projects in detail, challenging their business models if necessary, during informal but very concrete exchanges of views. The “pilots tablepowered by ING” offers real opportunities to both start-ups and decision-makers to determine how they might work together.

A great opportunity for young companies to benefit from valuable feedback – and sometimes new ideas – and in turn to inspire managers to rethink their existing processes.

Saskia Bauters, Head of Public Sector & Social Profit – ING

"A great opportunity for young companies to benefit from valuable feedback – and sometimes new ideas – and in turn to inspire managers."

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