3 March 2017

Disruption: experience sharing between company leaders

Did you know that the World Wide Web is a Belgian innovation? Or that the contraceptive pill was invented on our soil? These are just two examples of innovations with which our country has given a boost to social progress worldwide and disrupted existing models and the status quo. But just what does disruption involve?

What is disruption? Best practices and strategy

At the end of 2015, we along with VBO and BDO investigated the topic of 'disruption'. In 2016, we went a step farther and went in search of Belgian companies that were facing disruption. Of those, we selected seven corporate leaders from organizations that have either played or sought to play a disruptive role, or that responded - or not - or anticipated an impending disruption of their business model.

We put the same question to each of them: 'What is your definition of disruption?'

As expected, each company and CEO approaches and defines disruption from the perspective of their own domain. Each answer was therefore different, but no less relevant for all that. The conclusions of the interviews were brought together in one publication.

Disruption event

At ING, we believe in exchanging experiences, inspiring each other and sharing tips and tricks. For that reason, we held a 'disruption event' together with FBE and BDO on 1 December 2016. Some 40 CEOs took part. The seven interviewees were also present and provided us with some more explanations. Relive their panel discussion by viewing the video.

What next?