7 June 2018

How Belgium as a logistics gateway can face the challenge of changing technology?

Just how important is the logistics sector for the Belgian economy? How big is the role played by US companies on the Belgian market? And how are new technologies impacting both?

The view of the experts

We asked 3 logistics experts the following questions :  

1. "What are Belgium’s key strengths for logistics operations?"

By Matthijs Luts, Supply Chain Director EMEA & India, Abbott

2. "What are the challenges of the future?"

By Alex Van Breedam, CEO, TRI-Vizor

3. "Is 3D-printing a threat to the sector?"

By Raoul Leering, Head of International Trady Analysis, ING

Watch their answers here:

Belgium is the gateway to the European market

For many US companies, Belgium is not only the gateway to the European market, but also an important hub in their global supply chain. A study by the American Chamber of Commerce in Belgium (AmCham Belgium) underscores the relevance of American companies for the Belgian logistics sector, but also highlights a number of concerns.

Interested by the full study?

Click here if you would like to read the whole report by AmCham Belgium.

Technology holds the key to sustainable logistics

Belgium has the greatest density of logistics flows in the world but there is an urgent need for greater efficiency. Disruption poses a challenge even in the logistics sector. However, the Physical Internet (PI) might hold an answer to fluctuating consumer demand. On the Physical Internet, all logistics service providers are connected and share infrastructure and data.

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