6 May 2019

Tomorrow on the menu

"Smart" and "conscious": these key concepts are the seeds for the food and farming industry of the future.

The food industry faces a dilemma. On the one hand clients increasingly insist on traceability, sustainability, health and quality of products. On the other hand companies are constantly concerned with lowering prices and cutting costs.

The book “Tomorrow on the menu” outlines the broad current and future trends in the food sector, focusing on digital technology (“smart” approach) and sustainability (“conscious” approach).

You will find out how these trends are apparent in consumption and customers (“consumer”), production and industry (“factory”) as well as agriculture (“farming”).

You will also enjoy reading testimonials from captains of industry and managers of start-ups, as well as insights from trend watchers and sector experts.

Book Tomorrow on the menu

Book Tomorrow on the menu

The food and farming industry has profited from the support of ING for years. In addition to our role as a financing partner, we are committed to contributing to the development of the sector by promoting knowledge sharing and enabling you to expand your network.

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