Secure Business

Raise your colleagues' awareness of cyber security

Some call this the human firewall, but one thing's for sure: not raising your colleagues' awareness of cyber threats increases the risk of infection or loss of data.

The Cyber Security Kit

"What issues should I raise my colleagues' awareness about?" "How can I get them interested in this?" "What tools should I use?" The Cyber Security Kit is a set of ready-to-use communications to help you start raising awareness among your teams. The kit covers the issues of phishing, passwords, social engineering and data protection, and contains everything you need, such as posters, a promotion e-mail, a PowerPoint presentation to guide internal discussions and even a schedule for actions to be taken.

Have fun while you learn

Because we learn better when we're having fun, the members of the cyber security awareness group have created a Kahoot game with questions about cyber security. Use without moderation during your corporate events or at a team meeting!

Have you read our article on cyber protection for your organisation? In the next article, we will be taking a look at data protection within the company.

ING and the Cyber Security Coalition (Belgium)

At ING Belgium, we firmly believe that cyber security is everyone's responsibility. Nothing beats the sharing of good practices and effective cooperation around a safer virtual world to increase our cyber resilience. This is why we have decided to engage with the Cyber Security Coalition, the mission of which is to make Belgium strong in terms of cyber security, through the development of a solid ecosystem on a national scale. We rely on the skill and expertise of the academic world, the private sector and public authorities, all on a reliable platform aiming to promote the exchange of information and implement joint actions. As a Member of the Coalition, ING also mobilises its best cyber security experts to provide business leaders with tools and practical guides enabling them to improve their resilience. Access to these resources is free. Feel free to use them and let us know what you think - the Cyber Security Coalition teams are constantly looking for ways to improve them.

Would you like to become a member of the Cyber Security Coalition?