Secure Business

What is your level of cyber protection?

Whether you are a start-up, a small or a mid-sized company, you can create your own cybersecurity strategy. In this article, we will focus on the general cybersecurity readiness of your business.

Starting a new business?

Launching an online business? Given the growing cybercrime rates in the world today, we must all protect ourselves. By building your strategy around cybersecurity and training your employees from the outset, you can minimise the risks and safeguard your company. The “Cyber Security Basics for Starters” guide helps start-ups and online businesses enhance their strategy around cybersecurity.

Scan your cybersecurity resilience

A series of 10 questions will determine the security level of your organisation. At the end of the exercise, you will receive a number of practical tips that can help you improve your security level. The SME Security Scan is intended for self-employed individuals and professionals, as well as SMEs with limited computer networks. Test how secure your files and computer

Cyber Security Guide for SMEs

This guide enables SMEs to improve their cybersecurity levels, mitigate vulnerabilities and improve their resilience.

Go to the next level: improve your cybersecurity resilience

The Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium has developed a detailed tool to help develop your cybersecurity strategy. We recommend you take the time to explore this online tool.

The Belgian Cyber Security Coalition and ING

At ING Belgium, we believe that cybersecurity is everyone’s concern. Sharing best practices and working together to create a safer online world is the best way to improve our common cyber resilience. This is why we are an active member of the Belgian Cyber Security Coalition (“the Coalition”). Our mission at the Coalition is to bolster Belgium’s cybersecurity resilience by building a strong cybersecurity ecosystem at national level. We bring together the skills and expertise of the academic world, the private sector and public authorities on a trust-based platform aimed at fostering information exchange and implementing joint actions. ING is not just a member of the Coalition, our best cybersecurity experts also help to create tools and information to support everyone wanting to improve the cyber resilience of his/her business. The resources available are free for everyone, do not hesitate to use them and send us your feedback. The Cyber Security Coalition teams are constantly looking to make further improvements .