Secure Business

27 December 2020

3 tips for creating strong passwords

Online fraud and the hacking of online bank accounts, email and social media is a concern for all of us. Follow our three tips for creating the strongest passwords possible to ensure your online protection.

Choose a sentence that is easy to remember and make it more complicated

  • Choose a sentence that you can easily remember.

    Make sure it is not directly linked to your personal or professional life.

    Example: My son was born in the winter.

  • Now make it more complicated:

    • Use hyphens, quotation marks, capital letters and other special characters.
    • Use at least 8 characters.
    • Do not replace the "a" by "@" or the "o" by "0" (zero). That is too obvious.
    • Feel free to make spelling mistakes. This is one case in which it is advisable.
      • Example: MYsun(was)born-in-the-winter!

      • Use your creativity to create more than 1 password:
        Example : My-son-was-born/INTHEWINTER!

Create a different password for each platform

Ideally you should create a different password for each website and different ones for work and private use.

  • You can either create something completely different for each website.

  • Or add a different suffix that refers to the platform you are on.

    A few examples:

    • Facebook: MsRchbo25M!4FbK
    • Twitter: MsRchbo25M!(TwT)
    • Gmail: GMA!L=MsRchbo25M!
    • YouTube: MsRchbo25M!@UtuBe
    • Note: avoid_TWT, _FB and _GMAIL. Those are too easy to crack!

Test how secure your password is

Final words of advice

  • Never write your passwords down.
  • Change your password regularly (3 to 4 times per year, or even more often if you want to be better protected)
  • Create a totally different password each time. If you are worried about not remembering a different password every time you change it, change your current password by just one letter ('b' in the place of an 'a') or number each time.
  • A secure password is a password that is easy for you to remember but that nobody else can guess based on your life (first name, surname, age, birthplace, children, hobbies, etc.).