Secure Business

12 January 2020

Protect yourself against phishing, learn how to read a hyperlink

Passing your mouse over a hyperlink in an email to find out what site it goes to is a smart thing to do. Do you know how to read a hyperlink? Cybercriminals know that many people check where a hyperlink goes to in an email. So they now create logical, legible hyperlinks to trick their victims.

Discover how to read a URL

It's simple if you know how to look

To find out what site a hyperlink goes to, it’s important to read the right part of the URL (in orange in our examples).



This hyperlink is possibly not very clear. However, you can be sure of one thing; it will take you to




This hyperlink is legible and looks as if it will take you to the ING Home Bank login page. However, the site it will take you to is This is not the ING Belgium site, so it's a fraudulent link.


The important part in a hyperlink is the part just before the first ‘/’ (without counting the https://). This is the site that the hyperlink will go to.