Secure Business

Why do we want to know you better?

We are committed to conducting our business with the highest level of integrity, in compliance with applicable laws, regulations and standards.

We identify our clients and verify that the information we hold about them is correct and in line with both the law and market regulations.

This process, known as "Know Your Customer” (KYC), helps us to protect our system and fight financial crime.

We constantly evaluate our relationships with our customers and other banks. This enables us, if necessary, to terminate relationships that do not meet our control standards or are not in line with our risk analysis.

What does it mean for you?

Before you become an ING customer, we will make sure that we have your authentication data, both personal and professional. This is to ensure that your profile is accurate.

It may sound strange or stressful, but don't worry! It's a normal step in our process. It allows us to get to know you better and establish a healthy and transparent relationship.

Once this information has been collected, it’s sent to our specialized team, entirely dedicated to identifying and verifying clients.

After analysis

There are three possible outcomes:

  • Everything is in order and your customer journey continues quite normally.
  •  We have to come back to you because we need some clarification on a particular point. But don't panic, sometimes it's just a detail or a missing administrative element.
  •  The file is blocked and we cannot proceed with the process.