Asset management for medical professionals

You want to have a happy, stress-free life after retirement. Careful asset planning and structuring can bring you peace of mind about your retirement. It will also enable you to look to the future with full confidence.

Asset planning and structuring

Your bank’s knowledge and expertise is not limited to financial advice and management.

Your bank can help you structure, protect and transfer your private and professional assets.

Have you decided to stop working?

The list below describes the things that you must not lose sight of when you stop working:

  • Remember to have your registration number in the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises deleted as soon as you stop working.
  • Check your insurance policies that relate to your professional activity. Some should be amended, while others should be terminated.
  • Notify INAMI/RIZIV and the Belgian Medical Council when you finally stop working.
  • Would you like to carry on working part-time? If so, keep your INAMI/RIZIV identification number and remain a member of the Belgian Medical Council (FR).

ING Medicalis supports you at every stage of your medical career