31 March 2016

First year trainee lawyer?

Discover the top bank for lawyers

Tackle your traineeship with the right tools

Free for 1 year

You will need a professional current account, debit card and credit card at your side on a daily basis.

That is why we are offering them to you free of charge for 1 year.

Available wherever and whenever you need it

With the ING Privalis Services, your bank really is open around the clock.

Thanks to our e-banking service Business'Bank and our specially designed module for legal professionals, you can manage all your accounts 24/7.

Out of the office? No problem. ING Smart Banking, our free banking app for smartphone, lets you do your banking transactions on the road.

On top of that, you will find an ING branch in several court houses.

We will provide credit

We believe in you and we will prove it by offering you a preferential rate on both the Installation loan for trainee lawyers and ING Business Loans.

We also offer preferential rates on insurance.

Two lives, one bank

As a Privalis client, you can also choose ING for your private banking. Through the Two lives, one bank programme (PDF – FR), you will make your life a lot easier with very advantageous conditions for your private banking.

50 years of expertise

ING Privalis Services builds upon over 50 years of experience in supporting people in the legal professions. We supply targeted tools that make banking easier and more efficient than ever before.

Special accounts for your profession

The ING Privalis Services offers a comprehensive range of accounts specially designed to meet the needs of lawyers.

Access several features specific to your profession such as opening sub-accounts (PDF) online, creating movement books with ease and efficiently managing your cash flow and third-party funds.

Privalis in pictures

privalis in picture

Open your professional current account free of charge and take advantage of these added extras:

*Offer with no obligation to subscribe to an ING product or service.