Are you a medical student?

Get ready for your future

After a few years in the classroom, you want to spread your wings. Maybe you are already making ambitious plans, getting your bucket list into shape and sketching out your career path.

  • Advantages

    Your Business Banker Medicalis will help you on your way. He or she knows exactly what you need at any time and will give you clear financial advice, explained in plain language, throughout your working life. He or she can tell you all about the ING Medicalis package. Because you already enjoy many advantages while studying medicine.

  • ING Medicalis

    The ING Medicalis package, created specifically for medical students, includes, among other things:

    • An ING Lion Account offering you a high degree of financial flexibility
    • Are you in your final year as a medical student? If so, go to our promo page (FR) and receive €59
    • ING debit card
    • Access to all electronic channels
    • Savings account

    You might also regularly receive invitations to concerts and gadgets.

  • Trainee doctor

    Are you due to start your internship soon? Then don’t miss this page. It tells you more about the unique status of trainee doctors