Have you almost finished your Masters in Medicine?


One important milestone is in sight: your medical diploma. Now you have an important choice to make: are you going to choose a career in general practice, or become a specialist?

  • Financial partner

    What financial partner will you take with you? At this crossroads in your life you have an ideal opportunity to stop and reflect.

    Who gives you sufficient confidence? Who knows the medical sector through and through? Who can support you best? And above all, which bank already offers you all the support you need?

  • Your guide

    In this new phase of your life, your Business Banker Medicalis will help you get started. 

    He or she can answer the following questions:

    • What kinds of insurance should I take out? 
    • How do I deal with INAMI/RIZIV (FR) contributions?
    • What budget do I need to buy a house?
  • A suitable offer

    • ING Lion Account or Green ING account + ING debit cards + access to online channels
    • €100 cashback if you have your salary paid by direct debit into your ING Lion Account (during min. 3 months)
    • ING VISA Classic (Visa credit card) for €22/year
    • €80 cashback in the case of accumulation of pension entitlement and financial assets
    • Free savings account

  • Social status

    • Sui Generis covers your internship payments and some social security benefits. 
    • It puts you in the same position as doctors covered by tariff agreements, but does not entitle you to some benefits such as unemployment benefit, holiday pay and thirteenth month pay.
    • You do not accumulate state pension entitlement either. But you can make up for this by means of INAMI/RIZIV contributions.