ING Medicalis, the offer for doctors throughout their career

Trust a specialist with your medical practice

Are you a GP or a specialist? Are you nearing the end of your studies, are you a trainee doctor, or are you about to retire?

ING has developed a specific Medicalis offer. Your personal Business Banker Medicalis will offer you practical help and advice in each phase of your career. ING has developed various formulas specifically for you that help with:

  • Funding your practice
  • Managing your assets
  • Protecting yourself, your practice and your career 

Trust a specialist

Patients come to see you for medical advice. You are a specialist and know the human body from top to toe. In short: you are an expert.

If you have a question about financial matters, then you also prefer to consult an expert. It’s logical!

Specially trained Business Bankers, fully aware of the needs of the medical sector, give you appropriate advice when you need it. They are the people you can trust for both your professional and your personal needs.

An answer at every key moment in your career

Your questions and needs change during the course of your career. If you are a final-year student (FR), you are probably looking for advice on how to make a flying start. That is why we will help you grow throughout your career.

You must be thinking about a juicy apple to quench your thirst?

Your Business Banker Medicalis can help you answer questions about asset accumulation.

4 key moments

  1. Student: Students need bank accounts too. The ING Lion Account or the Green ING account allow you to manage your money very flexibly. Discover all the benefits here.
  2. Trainee doctor: Congratulations, you are now a trainee GP or specialist. You probably have your own personal plans in addition to your training. Your Business Banker Medicalis will work with you to look for the mortgage that suits you. Have you already thought about starting a pension? Discover what we have to offer here.
  3. Opening a practice: Opening your own practice involves a lot of work. Your Business Banker Medicalis will help you with all your financial and insurance questions. As a salaried starter you enjoy benefits. Would you like to know what else your Business Banker Medicalis can do for you?
  4. Asset accumulation: As soon as you start your career, you start to accumulate assets, and grow your apple to quench your thirst. Your Business Banker Medicalis will work with you to find the most suitable solutions. Discover them with your Business Banker.