ING Medicalis

The offer for the medical trainee

Full immersion in the world of practical medicine as a medical intern

Have you almost finished your Master’s in Medicine? Congratulations! The first milestone is in sight.

Have you thought about your thesis yet?

Are you opting for:

  • Family medicine;
  • Pre-specialisation;
  • Scientific research;
  • Social health care?

Whatever you choose, you can count on the help of your Business Banker Medicalis for any financial issues.

He or she is an old hand at giving financial advice at every pivotal moment in life. Including right now:

  • 1 confidential adviser

  • The ING Medicalis package tailored to your needs;

    ING debit card;

    ING Lion Account or Green ING account + ING debit card + access to online channels;

    € 100 extra in your account if you have your salary paid by direct debit into your LION Account (for at least three months).

    ING VISA Classic (Visa credit card) for € 22/year

    € 80 cashback if you accrue a pension and financial assets;

    Free savings account;

    And, for even more fun, you have a regular chance to win tickets to concerts.

  • Accurate advice