ING Privalis for bailiffs

Are you a bailiff? Then you have specific needs when it comes to your banking. ING knows the precise challenges of your sector back to front. ING Privalis and its expert staff have been at your service for more than 50 years.

Accounts for bailiffs

Bailiff third-party account

Anyone who manages third-party funds has to draw a clear line between these funds and their own funds. This is widely known and is laid down by law. To meet this need, the Privalis service from ING proposes its third-party account for bailiffs.

Bailiff office account

The office account for bailiffs provides perfect management of the professional assets transferred in and out via your office account. You can open this in your name, as a private individual, or in the name of your company, depending on the legal form you have chosen.

Case account

A case account is opened at the request of the bailiff during an on-going case to deposit funds related to the case in question. This account always has a limited lifetime.

Mediation account

A mediation account is opened by the negotiator for the purposes of debt negotiation. The receipts of a customer under mediation are deposited in this account for distribution to the different creditors.

Receivership account

An account under management is opened in the name of a person whom the court has placed in interim receivership. It is the authorised interim receiver who asks for this account to be opened.


With Privalis, ING expands its range of payment instruments with solutions perfectly tailored to the needs of legal professions.

Registry coupon

With the Registry coupon, you pay your fees in no time. Registry coupons are covered by an irrevocable bank guarantee. You can order them via the Privalis Desk.

Debit and credit cards

Our debit cards make your life considerably easier. You can also enjoy the ING MasterCard Business, the credit card for professional use.


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