31 March 2016

ING Privalis Services

ING for bailiffs

With our extensive network of branches, ING Privalis is always close by, right where you work.

Our employees can be trusted with the secrets of your profession as a bailiff and can offer solutions that are perfectly aligned to your needs and to the situations you are faced with in your profession.

Are you a bailiff and a Privalis customer?

Discover Privilegio, a series of exclusive offers for you and your colleagues to enjoy. Call our Privalis Desk on +32 2 464 63 01 to get your login and password for Privilegio.

ING's Privalis service offers a comprehensive range of accounts designed specifically for your profession as bailiff.

There is a sub-account for each of the different situations you encounter in your profession, a third-party account that allows you to separate your own assets from the funds you manage for third parties, and a office account for efficient management of your business' liquid assets and cash reserves.

Accounts for bailiffs

Bailiff third-party account

Anyone who manages third-party funds has to draw a clear line between these funds and their own funds. This is widely known and is laid down by law. To meet this need, the Privalis service from ING proposes its third-party account for bailiffs.

Bailiff office account

The office account for bailiffs provides perfect management of the professional assets transferred in and out via your office account. You can open this in your name, as a private individual, or in the name of your company, depending on the legal form you have chosen.

Case account

A case account is opened at the request of the bailiff during an on-going case to deposit funds related to the case in question. This account always has a limited lifetime.

Mediation account

A mediation account is opened by the negotiator for the purposes of debt negotiation. The receipts of a customer under mediation are deposited in this account for distribution to the different creditors.

Receivership account

An account under management is opened in the name of a person whom the court has placed in interim receivership. It is the authorised interim receiver who asks for this account to be opened.

Managing your liquid assets and cash reserves

Do you want the best return on your cash reserves? ING offers a wide range of flexible savings plans with a high return in the short or long term.

With Privalis, ING has expanded its range of payment methods to include solutions that are perfectly tailored to the needs of legal professionals. You can pay court registration fees in an instant with the registry coupon and our bank cards make life much easier for you as well as your customers who have been placed in interim receivership.

Registry coupon

The registry coupon is a payment method that allows you as a lawyer to pay registry fees securely and rapidly.

A registry coupon must include the following data:

  • name of the beneficiary registry
  • the text "The Bar Financial Service will today pay the .... Registry"
  • the amount of the registry fees in figures (the instructing party can leave this open for the registry to fill in)
  • date of issue
  • signature of the account holder whose account is to be debited
  • account number of the account to be debited
  • case reference
  • registry coupon number

Registry coupons are covered by a confirmed bank guarantee.

Bank cards

In addition to a credit card for professional use, ING MasterCard Business, ING also offers a debit card specifically tailored to the legal profession:


The LimiCard is tailored to suit debt negotiators. This allows them to provide the people under their supervision with a modern and safe payment method for their daily expenses.

LimiCard in Belgium can only be used to withdraw money from Bancontact / Mister Cash and Self'Bank machines and for payment in stores using Proton.

The LimiCard has a personalised expenditure limit which the receiver or debt negotiator fixes (with a minimum of 20 euros) and which they can change at any time. The Bancontact / Mister Cash, Proton or both functions can also be activated or deactivated at any time.

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