2 March 2016

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ING for notaries

With our extensive network of branches, ING Privalis is always close by, right where you work.

Our employees know your profession inside out and can offer solutions that are perfectly aligned to your needs and to the situations you are faced with in your profession.

Have a look at the exceptional conditions and apply for the ING Privalis Financial Plan for expert assistance in preparing your business plan.

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Accounts for notaries

ING Privalis services also comprise a complete range of accounts dedicated to notary practices. The Royal Decree of 22 November 2013 published in the Belgian State Journal (Moniteur Belge) on 10 December 2013 requires a clear distinction between funds belonging to the notary practice and those which you hold on behalf of a third party. ING makes it easier than ever to meet your legal obligations with a full range of account types and structure specially designed to facilitate the management of your notary practice.

Notary sub-account

Funds belonging to third parties are paid into this account. For reasons relating to legal protection, funds belonging to third parties which are paid into this account must be deposited during the month after they are received when the amount in question is more than 2,500 euros.

Notary client account

Funds belonging to third parties or clients are paid into this business account. These 3 accounts offer you a significant yield and are exempt from minimum interest thresholds. The value date of credits and debits is set to the day on which the transaction occurs. There is no management fee, and manual transactions which exceed the basic account package limits are free of charge.

Managing your liquid assets and cash reserves

Do you want the best return on your cash reserves? ING offers a wide range of flexible savings plans with a high return in the short or long term.

Already an ING Privalis client? ING is pleased to offer you a complete range of payment methods along with other services perfectly suited to the needs of legal professionals.

Payment methods

Already an ING Privalis client? ING is pleased to offer you a complete range of payment methods along with other services perfectly suited to the needs of legal professionals.

Registry coupon

The registry coupon is a payment method that allows you as a lawyer to pay registry fees securely and rapidly.

A registry coupon must include the following data:

  • name of the beneficiary registry
  • the text "The Bar Financial Service will today pay the .... Registry"
  • the amount of the registry fees in figures (the instructing party can leave this open for the registry to fill in)
  • date of issue
  • signature of the account holder whose account is to be debited
  • account number of the account to be debited
  • case reference
  • registry coupon number

Registry coupons are covered by a confirmed bank guarantee.

Bank cards

Take advantage of the ING MasterCard Business which allows you to make payments easily, including via the internet. Your spending limit is set according to the relevant accounting rules.


The LimiCard is tailored to suit interim receivers and debt negotiators. This allows them to provide the people under their supervision with a modern and safe payment method for their daily expenses.

LimiCard in Belgium can only be used to withdraw money from Bancontact / Mister Cash and Self'Bank machines and for payment in stores using Proton.

The LimiCard has a personalised expenditure limit which the receiver or debt negotiator fixes (with a minimum of 20 euros) and which they can change at any time. The Bancontact / Mister Cash, Proton or both functions can also be activated or deactivated at any time.

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