ING Privalis Services


Accounts for notaries

ING Privalis services also comprise a complete range of accounts dedicated to notary practices. The Royal Decree of 22 November 2013 published in the Belgian State Journal (Moniteur Belge) on 10 December 2013 requires a clear distinction between funds belonging to the notary practice and those which you hold on behalf of a third party. ING makes it easier than ever to meet your legal obligations with a full range of account types and structure specially designed to facilitate the management of your notary practice.

Notary sub-account

Funds belonging to third parties are paid into this account. For reasons relating to legal protection, funds belonging to third parties which are paid into this account must be deposited during the month after they are received when the amount in question is more than 2,500 euros.

Notary client account

Funds belonging to third parties or clients are paid into this business account. These 3 accounts offer you a significant yield and are exempt from minimum interest thresholds. The value date of credits and debits is set to the day on which the transaction occurs. There is no management fee, and manual transactions which exceed the basic account package limits are free of charge.

Managing your liquid assets and cash reserves

Do you want the best return on your cash reserves? ING offers a wide range of flexible savings plans with a high return in the short or long term.