15 June 2018

How to get started as an entrepreneur? 5 things to do right away:

Would you like to start your own business and are about to take the big step? Congratulations? As a starter, you probably have a bunch of questions and sometimes find it hard to see the forest for the trees. ING is therefore presenting you with 5 things to do right away. A quick start-up is guaranteed!

1) A plan of approach

As a beginning entrepreneur, you will probably want to get right to work, that's understandable. But as the saying goes, well begun is half done. So you would do best to start by drawing up a plan of approach. We advise every entrepreneur to put down a few elements on paper:

  • Your activity, clearly defined
  • Potential opportunities or threats
  • Your business objectives - in terms of both personal development and in financial terms
  • your market: so you know which customers you should target
  • Your business model: so that you can be sure about how you will generate income
2) Your own website

It seems obvious, yet many entrepreneurs forget about the importance of your own professional business website. In 2018, that is in essence your digital nameplate or business card. After all, how else can potential customers, suppliers or partners find you in order to do business with you?

Agreed, a website can have a dizzying price tag. But in theory you can make it as expensive as you want. You can easily put together your own website without difficulty and for a reasonable price with tools you can find online.

In addition, it is interesting to have a unique company logo. This will enhance the recognition of your business via all the digital channels you use.

3) Your first customers

How long will it take until your first customers show up? That depends on the sector in which you are active. But we advise you to work on this as soon as possible.

A few handy tips to find potential customers more quickly:

  • Visit relevant events in your sector
  • Register our profile on business websites
  • Put on your sturdy shoes and offer your services at co-working spaces
  • Draw inspiration from fellow entrepreneurs and ask how they go about it
4) A good accountant

Business has a less agreeable side: managing your finances. Does the importance of a good accountant still need emphasizing? By working with the right expert, the cost of self-employment need not be a bitter pill.

Tip: choose an accountant who may also be able to offer you tax advice. This way you know what to expect from the tax authorities.

5) Structured administration

Receipts, customer information, certificates, etc.: as a starter, keeping your administration in order can be a Herculean task. An accountant is thus a good start, but there are of course a number of administrative tasks that you have to carry out yourself:

  • Preparing and sending out invoices
  • Following up on collection on invoices
  • Making payments (unless you have given your accountant authorization)


How can you led structure to your administration? Ask for ING's Starters Package and benefit from a bank account, payment card, credit card, online banking, a mobile app, and ... an online invoicing platform, ING Invoice Solutions!