24 August 2017

Package for starters

Are you starting your own business? ING will be happy to take up the challenge, from the outset to start up. The assistance of your personal Business Banker, practical online tools and the ING starters package with attractive rates for day-to-day banking, loans and insurance, will certainly give you a head start.

Contact your personal Business Banker

Do you want to be sure that you are on the right path? Do you prefer to bounce some decisions off somebody else? In that case your Business Banker is there for you.

Managing your payments

Free standard package for day-to-day banking:

Payment solutions for your customers

With our range of payment terminals (ING Merchant Services) you can accept payments with a bank or credit card in a trice.

In addition we also offer a mobile solution for smartphones or tablets (ING Active Pay). It is ideal for starters who are often on the road or do not yet want to invest in a conventional payment terminal.

You can even allow your customers to pay with smartphones (Payconiq) and reward them via a digital loyalty programme (joyn). Fast, easy and safe!

Manage, track and finance your invoices

ING Invoice Solutions makes it easy to create, send, follow up on and even finance your invoices, automatically! This powerful yet easy-to-use online invoicing tool lets you save precious time and focus on what’s really important: your business! And as an added bonus, starters get 50% off the subscription fees for a whole year!

Discover ING Invoice Solutions

Materialise your projects

ING offers many loan types to meet your requirements. From conventional loans to crowdfunding, leasing or invoice funding.

Conventional loan packages:

  • ING Business Line: a credit line with an indefinite term. This package offers extra room to manoeuvre to bridge temporary cash shortages or to fund your incorporation costs such as start up costs, corporation capital, etc. As a starter you will not pay any upfront fees for the first two years.
  • ING Business Loan: an instalment loan for business spending or corporate funding (equipment, new machinery, buildings, take-overs, etc. ). You borrow a certain amount at a fixed interest rate. Again, as a starter you will pay no upfront fees for the first two years.

Make use of our help on to find the right funding package for your professional requirements!

Alternative funding forms

Sometimes a conventional loan is not always the best option. ING offers other funding options customised to your needs.

  • Crowdfunding: via smaller amounts from private individuals or companies will help you to materialise your project. ING can put you in contact with the most appropriate crowdfunding platform.
  • Invoice funding: if you meet the criteria, in ING Invoice Solutions Solutions you can choose whether you want ING to fund invoices. Ideally whenever you need working capital and are waiting for money from your customers.
  • Leasing: do you need a car for your business? Or do you want to acquire IT equipment ? Then consider the possibilities of a financially attractive leasing option with ING.
Optimise protection

With a comprehensive range of insurance solutions ING ensures that your professional activities are properly protected. This way you will not have to worry unnecessarily and ensure the continuity of your business. Whether you are looking to insure civil liability, a company car, building, equipment or staff, or your own social protection ... … ING has the appropriate insurance for you

Also consider preparing your pension in due time. We have a broad range of options to cover all situations. In this way the AXA Private Supplementary Pension plan for the Self-Employed (PSPSE) is an attractive option to build up a supplementary pension at fiscally attractive conditions. You can choose how much to save and how often you pay in your contributions. In addition you will benefit from a tax advantage..

Starters receive an annual refund for the first two years of 50 euros on PSPSE insurance premiums.