31 March 2016

Government grants and subsidies for your project

Have you found the ultimate business idea? Now looking for funding, finance, grants or guarantees to help you get it off the ground? Discover our guide below to the various forms of public funding available at the Belgian federal and European levels as well as from the Brussels Capital, Flemish and Walloon Regions.

Co-financing, investments and loans

The Belgian Corporation for International Investment offers customised finance solutions for Belgian-based companies looking to invest internationally.


The European Investment Bank is the bank of the European Union. It is specialized in loans and other financial instruments for supporting projects that contribute towards boosting employment in Europe.


The Brussels Regional Investment Group offers financial support for the creation, reorganisation or expansion of companies registered within the Brussels Capital Region.


The PMV foundation is a potential source of venture capital but also low-interest loans and investment solutions from external foundations.


The Walloon Finance and Guarantee Corporation for Small to Midsize Enterprises (Sowalfin) (FR) plays the role of financier, exclusively for SMEs with a special focus on co-financing solutions.

The Walloon Mutual Guarantee Organisation (Socamut)) (FR) offers grants and complementary guarantees to entrepreneurs.

The "Finance for Companies" platform provides an online guide for entrepreneurs with a wealth of information about managing and financing their projects.

The Business Angels Network in the Walloon and Brussels Capital regions offers innovative entrepreneurs the opportunity to meet with private partners with a potential interest in investing in their project.

Guarantees and collateral

Le Ducroire is a Belgian organisation which acts as a public credit insurer, covering both companies and banks against a range of political and commercial risks related to international transactions.


The Brussels Guarantee Fund’s mission is to simplify access to business loans in the Brussels Capital Region and to provide guarantees for credit providers.


The PMV is a foundation which offers guarantees to assist entrepreneurs in acquiring bank loans for their projects.


The Walloon Finance and Guarantee Corporation for Small to Midsize Entreprises (Sowalfin) (FR) plays the role of financier exclusively for SMEs. Most notably, it offers guarantees and collateral solutions for bank loans.

The Walloon Mutual Guarantee Organisation (Socamut) offers guarantees to applicant’s banking partners in the contexts of microfinance.

Grants and subsidies
European Union

The Flemish-European Liaison Agency (VLEVA) facilitates contact between enterprises and the Flemish and European authorities. Among other initiatives, it has developed a Guide to European Subsidies (available only in Dutch).


The Brussels Capital Region offers subsidies to the self-employed, SMEs, starters and large organisations.
The Brussels Institute for Environmental Management (IBGE) offers public funding to companies for investments made with respect for the environment and/or for research and development initiatives aimed at limiting their environmental impact.

A summary of all subsidies, grants and funding options within the Brussels region can also be found on the Ecosubsibru website.


Enterprise Flanders compiles and maintains a list of all available subsidies and financial support provided by the respective provincial, regional, federal and European authorities.
The Union of Independent Entrepreneurs (UNIZO) also offers an overview of available funding and support for businesses located in the Flemish region.

The Flemish Agricultural Investment Foundation (VLIF) offers financial support for the agricultural and horticultural sectors in Flanders.

Flanders Investment & Trade offers financial aid to SMEs with an international focus.


The Walloon Region offers a number of grants and investment solutions to entrepreneurs active on their territory. Their "ABC des démarches" compiles all available funding according to your needs and explains the relevant application procedures.
The MIDAS database offers a summary of all public funding available to companies in Wallonia from the respective provincial, regional, federal and European authorities.

The ADISA system offers development and installation grants to companies in the agriculture sector.

Other useful links offers advice and support for entrepreneurs : from company foundation to finance, innovation, town planning, environment, international…

The Brussels Invest & Export Organisation also provides comprehensive support for exporting companies based in Brussels as well as foreign companies active within the city.

The Walloon Region provides funding for starting entrepreneurs and offers them personalised guidance and training via the “chèques-formation”.

The website Affaires à Suivre provides a platform listing companies and retail businesses for sale in the Walloon Region. Developed by the Sowalfin Group, the site also facilitates contact between buyers and sellers in a neutral and trusted environment.


Need advice with regards to the subsidies and grants available for your project? Contact your ING liaison officer.