12 january 2017

Manager of the Year: survey sustainable transition

On the occasion of the Manager of the Year ceremony, ING reinforced its position about entrepreneurship and approaching sustainability.

Sustainability and business

The growing scarcity of water, food, energy and other material resources as well as the effects of climate change pose severe social and environmental challenges which will change conventional business models.

As a financial institution, ING needs to play a role in enabling this transition by funding change, sharing knowledge and using its influence.

Let’s think forward and build a sustainable future together. Watch the video.

Sustainability Transition survey

During the ceremony, participants were asked 3 questions about sustainability. Discover their answers:

  • When you think of the term ‘Sustainability’ what is the first thing that comes to mind?
    • People : 22 %
    • Environment : 65 %
    • Economy : 14 %
  • Are you planning any actions in 2017 to make your company more sustainable?
    • No : 16 %
    • Yes, actions to make my company eco-friendlier such as energy efficiency measures, solar panels, etc. : 38 %
    • Yes, actions to make my company more people-friendly such as flexible working hours, working from home, volunteering opportunities, etc. : 46 %
  • What sustainability options do you expect from your bank?
    • Service: Information on the relevance of sustainability : 15 %
    • Service: Advice on how to become a more sustainable company : 27 %
    • Products: Funding solutions to make the transition (e.g. solar panel leasing): 57 %
“Sustainable companies yield superior performance.” Peter Vanden Houte, Chief Economist ING Belgium
What now?

Be inspired during a business event or make an appointment with your ING advisor.