Legal professions

ING Privalis Services

As a lawyer, notary or bailiff, you have very specific needs. Those needs are met by ING through its Privalis service, which offers you a broad range of services and products tailored to the legal professions.

We can help you to ensure that your business banking transactions are performed simply and efficiently, and offer solutions for optimising the way in which your office is structured and managed. What is more, you are allocated a dedicated ING liaison officer responsible for dealing with the financial aspects of your profession.

You can also choose ING for your banking needs as a private individual. The Privalis "Two lives, one bank" programme (FR), offered under highly attractive terms and conditions, can help to make your life easier.


ING has been looking after lawyers' interests through its Privalis service for almost 50 years. Thanks to our experience and our cooperation with the bar associations, we offer a wide range of services and products tailored to your profession as a lawyer.

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ING's Privalis service offers notaries not just banking and insurance services tailored to your profession, but also solutions for ensuring that your office is managed in the best possible way. We provide a practical and efficient response to the specific requirements of the notarial profession.

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As a bailiff, you have to deal with very different scenarios and make commitments that require the right financial management instruments. ING offers a full range of accounts through its Privalis service that are specifically designed to meet these needs.

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