ING: the bank for the public and social sector

As a government body, hospital, NGO, professional association or other non-profit organisation, you can count on expert advice and support from your own dedicated banker. A single point of contact with both the network and expertise to help you fulfil your mission.

Your banker works in your area, will come to you if required and is available when it suits you. In other words, they are a genuine partner in your organisation.

Your banker also works in close consultation with specialists who know the Belgian public and social sectors in detail. To ensure you will always get an answer to even the most complex question.

Want to find out what an ING banker can do for your organisation? Contact your banker now.

  1. You will be consulting with an expert who works in your area and knows the challenges you face

    Looking to take out a specific loan, lease a car or building or invest part of your equity? Or are you looking for ways to manage your bills and payments online? Your banker will explain your options in detail and make all necessary arrangements.

    Your banker will also help you find answers to your most complex problems. In consultation with other specialists familiar with the public and social sector in Belgium.

  2. You will benefit from the expertise of ING specialists

    Your banker is backed by a network of specialists at ING who focus specifically on the needs of your organisation. From alternative finance and online invoicing to improving your remuneration policy and managing your cash flow… No matter how complex the issue, your banker will help you find the answer.

  3. You will be kept up to date via studies and analyses of your sector

    Together with important organisations and individuals from your sector, we help identify, understand and tackle the challenges faced by organisations such as yours.

  4. You will be able to choose the right form of credit for all your investments

    Your banker takes time to get familiar with your projects and advises you on the right form of finance for your needs. Which is why ING is increasingly becoming the lending institution of choice for the public and social sector. Between 2013 and 2016, the amount of credit approved for institutional customers rose by 40%.

    Contact your banker and discover what we can do for your organisation.

  • National, regional and local governments
  • Organisations in the healthcare sector
  • Professional associations and interest groups
  • NGOs
  • European institutions and agencies
  • Higher education, colleges and universities
  • Supranational organisations
  • Trade unions
  • Congregations

Contact your banker and find out what we can do for your profession or sector.

  • Assist with daily banking matters such as opening accounts or managing mandates
  • Advise on the best form of finance for your projects, from conventional loans and leasing contracts to equity capital markets and crowdfunding
  • Help optimise your cash flow and cash management
  • Manage the interest rate risks of your loans
  • Arrange access to online banking via smartphone, tablet and computer
  • Provide discretionary management services for your liquid assets
  • Help improve your remuneration policy

As a universal bank, ING boasts a full range of in-house expertise. Want to discover how we can help you achieve your goals? Contact your banker.

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