Your business investments and our online platforms

Want to manage your business related investments quickly, easily and securely, via your computer or smartphone? Thanks to our range of online investment platforms, you can consult, track the performance of your portfolio, buy and sell securities, anytime, anywhere.


  • Flexible: Consult your portfolio at any time and from any location.

  • Simple: Buy and Sell your securities in a few clicks.

  • Enhanced search: Find securities quickly and easily according to various search criteria.

  • Use our online trading platforms to buy and sell shares (stocks, equities) and rights.
  • For Mutual funds, ETFs, trackers, structured notes, bonds, turbos, warrants, sprinters, derivatives, etc., it is currently only possible to sell (units of) these securities via the platforms if they are already in your securities account. Of course, buying such securities is still possible via your trusted ING adviser or Phone'Bank.
  • Find all kinds of securities quickly and easily via our new and enhanced search function.
  • Search amongst our selection featuring hundreds of shares (stocks, equities), mutual funds, ETFs, trackers, rights, turbos, warrants and sprinters.
  • View, consult and/or cancel pending orders.
  • Cancel limit orders.
  • View and follow several stock indices such as Euronext, Swiss exchange, etc.
  • Save securities to the list of your favorites.

At this moment, it is not yet possible to view the history of your investment transactions via our online investment platforms.

Multi-channel platform

All these features are available via Business’Bank. And while our ING Banking app currently only allows consultation of your portfolio, we are working to allow trading securities via this app as well.

With so many possibilities at your fingertips, our online trading platforms offer you a unique digital investing experience. Check them out today and discover the easy way to manage your investments anytime, anywhere.


If you have your business's securities account with ING, you can already view and manage your portfolio via the Investments accounts section in Business’Bank or our mobile app.