ING Securities Services

Secure the custody of your investment portfolio

Would you like to make fast, cost-effective securities transactions for your business? Are you looking for a secure, cost-effective custody solution for your investment portfolio? Do you require a state-of-the-art administration system for your shares and options plans? Are you looking for a paying agent? ING Securities Services offers you securities services tailored to the needs of your business.

  • One-stop shop for securities services

    ING handles the trading, settlement and custody of all your investments worldwide. We also offer issuer services.

  • Tailored service package

    We are by your side for every step you take with your investments.

  • Lower custody fees

    There are no custody fees for ING securities when you use our securities services.

With our profound expertise in local financial markets, we are able to offer a full range of securities services:

  • Investor services

    When you entrust your securities portfolio to us, ING provides:

    • Integrated brokerage services: our trading desks and portfolio managers at ING and ING Investment Management are there to support your activities.
    • Over-the-counter settlements: ING simplifies the transfer of securities for a large number of instruments in global markets. Our extensive custody network consists of partners carefully selected on the basis of their financial strength, local market knowledge and the strength of their custody operations.
    • Income tax and transaction handling for securities: you automatically receive payment on the correct day and you will be informed of securities transactions in your portfolio.
  • Added value services
    • General meetings: we can arrange your attendance at annual and extraordinary general meetings for you.
    • Tax refunds: we provide assistance in obtaining beneficial tax rates, as set out in double taxation treaties.
    • Daily support: our team is at your service as your unique point of contact for your securities business with ING.
  • Issuer services

    Choose from a range of issuer services, such as shares and options plans for your company's employees. This one-stop shop service is ideal for businesses looking to outsource the implementation, registration, administration and handling of their incentive plan. Our MyLeo communication and administration system ensures everything runs smoothly.

ING Securities Services is the ideal partner for institutional investors, financial institutions and businesses looking for solutions to:

  • trade and hold global investments in a secure, easy to use and cost-effective way;
  • manage shares and options plans efficiently and electronically, or outsource payments and transactions in their own securities.