Structured Notes

Enjoy a greater return with ING Structured Notes

Do you, as a company or an institutional customer, have funds that you wish to invest over a period of 1 year or more? Structured investments, also called Structured Notes, offer you the opportunity to link your return to a certain economic parameter within your risk profile. ING offers a selection of Structured Notes which you can subscribe to.

  • Return based on underlying parameters

    You choose which Structured Notes you invest in, based on your risk profile and views on the market.

  • Limited risk

    You regain your full initial value at maturity (except in case of failure of or default by the issuer, ING Bank S.A.).

  • Tailored products

    For investments of 2,000,000 euros or higher, ING can develop specific Structured Notes.

Structured investments or Structured Notes give you the opportunity, within your risk profile, to link your return to one or more economic parameters including:

  • interest rates
  • currencies
  • stock market
  • inflation
  • commodity
  • additional credit risk

Companies or institutional customers wishing to invest for a period of 1 year or more.

Which Structured Note is most suited for you depends on:

  • your specific risk profile
  • the underlying economic parameters you choose for.
  • Subscription is possible for investments of 500,000 euros or higher.
  • For amounts of 2,000,000 euros or higher and a period of 2 years, a tailored investment is possible.
  • Contact your ING liaison officer.