Asset Management

Get the best return on your reserves

Are you looking for asset management advice or do you want your reserves in excess of 500,000 euros to yield an optimal return? The ING investment experts help you to put together an investment portfolio tailored to the needs of your company or institution.

  • Optimal return

    Our specialised asset managers constantly monitor your investments and the market, which means that they know the risks and opportunities.

  • Tailored advice

    You can always count on our experts to provide bespoke asset management based on your investment strategy and risk profile (according to MiFID regulations).

  • Professional management

    ING can take over the daily management of your portfolio at your request to save you time and money.

  • Attractive packages

    ING offers attractive investment packages, such as short-term and medium-term investments, investments in euros or other currencies, bonds or equities.

  • Solid partner

    You enjoy the strength of a financial institution that is active worldwide. Thanks to years of asset management experience, we can make the difference.