Star-studded tax incentives!

Tax Shelter

Tax Shelter
  • Pay less taxes

  • Earn an extra premium

  • Support the audio-visual arts in Belgium

Would you like to invest your money and receive a 310% tax exemption? Plus an extra premium on top?
Tax Shelter makes it happen! Introduced by the Belgian government to support new projects in cinema and audio-visual art, the Tax Shelter initiative lets you benefit from a handsome tax incentive while earning an extra premium on your capital. ​


The cast: You, ING, and Shelter Prod

You are a Belgian company or a Belgian branch of a foreign company. Your company is subject to company tax in Belgium.

ING1 cooperates with 2 specialised companies, and Shelter Prod. As a distributor, we offer you the opportunity to invest in the investment. Read more in the FSMA prospectus (PDF in FR).

taxshelter.be2 is a Belgian intermediary that manages the administrative and operational side of your contract and investment. You can follow everything online.

Shelter Prod3 is a Belgian production company that manages the financial side, including your tax certificate and all audits required in order to receive your tax incentive.

The script: Producer seeks funding, investor seeks opportunity

Your company signs a framework agreement with and Shelter Prod to invest in a film, documentary or other production. You deposit between 5,000 and 240,000 euros within 3 months of signing the agreement. You will enjoy a temporary tax exemption.

Shelter Prod monitors your investment and ensures that the money is spent within a period of 18 months (or 24 for animated films). All funds must be allocated in accordance with the law and the provisions of the framework agreement. Shelter Prod also ensures that the FPS Finance audits and approves all expenses.

The FPS Finance issues a Tax Shelter certificate to Shelter Prod. Shelter Prod sends the certificate to your company. From that point on, your tax exemption is permanent.

The happy ending: Tax exemption and extra return on your investment

Your benefits as an investor:

  • a temporary tax exemption of 310% for the amount invested and for the taxable period during which you signed the framework agreement, and a final tax exemption of 150% of the Tax Shelter certificate.
  • an extra premium (Euribor + 4.5%) for the amount deposited over a maximum period of 18 months.

The tax exemption is limited to 50% of taxable profits per taxable period up to a maximum of 750,000 euros.

Thriller or comedy? No doubt you will be smiling at the end.

As always you should consider the risks. Even though the legislator has made every effort to keep them to a minimum. Possible risks are:

  • Shelter Prod or goes bankrupt and you lose your investment and any associated benefits. Shelter Prod, however, is insured against this risk.
  • and/or Shelter Prod are no longer recognised by the FPS Finance and you lose your investment and the associated benefits.
  • Shelter Prod does not receive its tax certificate, which leaves you without temporary or final tax exemption. Once again, Shelter Prod nevertheless has taken out specific insurance to cover this eventuality. In addition, our partners closely monitor all audits needed to obtain the tax certificate.
  • The premium may be lower if it is already paid after 3 months. The pay-out depends on the funding needs of the cinematographic or audio-visual work. Nevertheless, under normal circumstances, all projects should be completed within 3 to 18 months.

Please read the prospectus for full details of the possible risks (PDF in FR).

The trailer: A summary of your benefits and the features

Tax Shelter is an investment under Belgian law that allows your company to support audio-visual and cinematographic productions.

  • Minimum amount of 5,000 euros and maximum amount of 240,000 euros.
  • Tax advantage of 310% on the invested capital or 150% of the Tax Shelter certificate.
  • Extra premium for the deposited amount, calculated over a period of 3 to 18 months (depending on when the Tax Shelter certificate is delivered by Shelter Prod) (Euribor 12 months + 4.50%).
  • Insurance against a potential loss of the tax advantage, but not the premium.
  • Final tax certificate after a maximum of 4 years, delivered by Shelter Prod.
  • The investment is not transferable.
  • No fees, but company tax will apply to the premium.

The credits: You decide if you want to be included

Not entirely satisfied?

Contact ING Complaint Management, Cours Saint-Michel 60, 1040 Brussels. Call +32 2 547 61 02 or send an e-mail to

Been in contact with ING? You can contact Tax Shelter, Rue de Genève 175, 1140 Evere. Call +32 2 770 21 33 or send an e-mail to

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